Paper Confetti Shapes

We have a wide range of confetti shapes including poppy petal and rose petals perfect for weddings to snow confetti for the winter. All of our confetti is available in various colours and sizes. Some less popular shapes may have to be ordered straight from the factory, which will add a few days to the delivery time. All shapes are supplied in 1kg bags and are subject to bulk discounts when ordering 10kg or more.


Custom Confetti shapes are also available to order so you can make your confetti really suit your brand/event. (e.g red aeroplanes confetti for the red arrows) From experience we do suggest your keep the design of the custom shape as simple as possible as this helps make the shape more recognisable in the air and makes the overall effect look even better.


Confetti Shapes available:

Confetti Butterflies, Confetti Stars, Confetti Hearts, Confetti Petals 55mm, Confetti Blossom 33mm, Confetti Flowers, Confetti Circles


Discounts available for bulk purchases please contact us for more details.