Powderfetti Confetti Squares 6x6mm

Our Professional square paper confetti is made of the best quality tissue paper and is available to purchase in 1kg bags. Our square powderfetti confetti is treated to be fully flame retardant and colour fast so can be used for table decoration, throwing by hand or can be fired out of any of our confetti cannons. 

Powderfetti is also popular for use inside balloons to create confetti balloons for decoration. 


NEW! Our powderfetti is now available in UV Fluro colours for UV Parties and events. Our UV Confetti gives fluro colours in the day light and gives of a luminous glow under UV lighting.  


Confetti Size: 6x6mm squares
Standard Powderfetti Colour: Black, Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, White, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow & Multi
UV Powderfetti Colours: Fluro UV Yellow, Fluro UV Green, Fluro UV Pink, Fluro UV Orange