CO2 Confetti Blaster Hire

Confetti Blasters are famous from many huge sporting events and festivals across the world. They are available in two sizes, Standard Confetti Blasters which throws 3-5 Kilos of loose confetti up to 10m per minute  

The XL Confetti Blaster which throws 10-15 Kilos of Confetti per minute up to 25m. If using Liquid CO2 with a dip tube you can also get the added effect of a white plume of CO2 Gas. 

The standard confetti blaster cannon is designed for medium sized venues such as clubs, theatres and stages while the XL is for larger events such as those held in arenas, stadiums and festivals.

The CO2 Confetti Blaster is perfect for any event where you want to launch confetti continuously over long distances, confetti blasters can be run with either CO2 vapour which you cant see or with Liquid CO2 which you can see in a white plume whilst launching the confetti giving a double effect. 

The Confetti Blasters are a manual effect needing someone to load and start the machines during your event. 

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