Swirl Fan Hire

If you are in need of a sustained confetti effect we have the solution in our confetti swirl fans, all you need is a truss and our Swirl Fans will give you some great options for confetti drops. Swirl fans are ideally suited to theatre use and are most popular for creating a dry snow effect on stage.


Swirl fans can create the kind of 'glitter' rain that you see at the end of shows like the X-Factor or Strictly, or they can be used with snow confetti to produce anything from a gentle snow flurry to a blizzard! Often hired out to theatres & for runway shows the Swirl Fans come in 2 sizes Standard swirl fan which can hold 1 Kilo of Bulk Confetti and the XL Swirl fan which can hold up to 4k of Bulk Confetti dropping confetti for up to 8 minutes.

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